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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Chicago, IL

Learn About How Crawl Space Waterproofing Can Protect Your Home

Is your crawl space getting ruined by water, dampness, or moisture? Do you smell musty odors coming from your crawl space? Are there ugly, nasty bugs and creepy crawlies bothering you? Do the floor boards feel spongy? Are your heating and cooling bills too high? Then we have the answer for you: Safeguard Waterproofing! We perform the crucial crawl space waterproofing Chicago homes need to stay dry and safe! If your home has a basement, we also provide basement waterproofing services.

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution for crawl space waterproofing in Chicago? We recommend Clean Shield Crawl Space Encapsulation System! It even comes with a lifetime transferable warranty.

Green mold ​​

Clean Shield Crawl Space Encapsulation System has a Lifetime Transferable Warranty!

Clean Shield crawl space liner is 90 mil thick with fiber reinforcement. It has a triple-ply extrusion-coated virgin polyethylene membrane. The system is designed to yield the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any product of its kind!

  1. We remove all organic material from your crawl space.
  2. We pitch the crawl space slightly to form a low spot to help aid in the draining to a sump pit.
  3. We install a perimeter rigid PVC drain tile with a filter sock surrounded with washed stone.
  4. We install a solid sump basin with a sealed lid to help keep any soils or debris from reaching the sump pumps.
  5. We install our base floor membrane called Mari-Drain, a dimpled planton material which also aids in directing any water to the sump pumps.
  6. We install our 2nd floor membrane called thermo insulating blanket. This is a state of the art insulator/waterproofing blanket. It helps control the transmission of moisture and moisture vapors. This can make your crawlspace feel warmer.
  7. We install our 3rd floor membrane, the clean shield crawl space liner. This is mechanically fastened to the footing.
  8. We install the thermo insulating blanket. It is mechanically fastened to the crawl space foundation walls. We stop just below the sill plate to allow for periodic inspection.
  9. We permanently seal any air vents.

The result is crawl space that's encapsulated from the environment. This adds valuable dry usable space to your home.

Some important facts you should know:

  1. Your crawlspace should be sealed from the outside with no open vents or pipes to allow cold air to infiltrate your crawlspace. Remember hot air raises, cold air sinks.
  2. Your drainage pipe should always be rigid PVC not flexible aba tile which cannot be maintained should the need arise.
  3. Your warranty should be lifetime! That’s right, lifetime! Not 5 years or 10 years or 25 years but lifetime transferable. That’s why Safeguard offers a lifetime transferable warranty!

6 mil plastic

6 mil plastic

A river in your crawl

A river in your crawl.

This can't be good

This can’t be good!

You call that a sump pit

You call that a sump pit.

Now that's got to go

Now that’s got to go.

The new pit is almost ready

The new pit is almost ready.


Mari-Drain Underlayment: a dimpled PVC material that aids drainage and adds cushion to the floor membrane.

Thermo Insulation Blanket: a space age multi-layer bubble wrap that adds warmth to the area.

Clean shield

Cleanshield Crawl Space Liner is a class A fire rated 90 mil thick zero perm polyethylene liner with closed cell foam and an aluminized side which diffuses soil gasses. Our liner helps reflect heat back into your crawlspace. Making your crawl space a healthier area in your home.

Top of thermoblanket

Almost there…

Almost completed downlay

Look at me now!

Completed, clean crawlspace

Wow, what a difference!

Now let’s talk concrete in crawl spaces

We can do that for you too!

Here’s how we do it:

  1. As with the encapsulation system, we prep the crawl space beforehand. We remove any excess debris and level the crawl space.
  2. Next, we install a perimeter rigid PVC drainage system, surrounded with wash stone and complete with inspection ports.
  3. We install the sealed sump pit with a ½ hp main pump and the ITT battery backup system.
  4. Next, we lay down a vapor barrier and pump in a slurry coat of concrete 3-4 inches thick with a float finish. Once it is completed, this process adds valuable, dry, usable space to your home!

Don’t let your crawl space turn into a dungeon of moisture, mildew, and rot that attracts insects and other pesky creatures. Your crawl space doesn’t have to be a basement bog. Hire sensible, affordable crawl space waterproofing services in Chicago. This will help restore the dryness and fresh scent of your home! No longer will musty odors pervade the air, and your heating and cooling bills will return to normal. Call Safeguard Waterproofing today at (847) 603-4048 for a free inspection and estimate!

Vapor barrier

Vapor barrier installed.

A man ready to pump concrete

Ready to pump the concrete.

Concrete with float finish

Concrete with the float finish.

Finished crawlspace

Finished crawl with thermo insulated blanket on walls.

Don't do it twice. Do it right. Make an appointment with Safeguard Waterproofing - Ram Jack Illinois to learn about specific services we offer or start by calling (847) 603-4048.