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Foundation Crack Repair in Chicago

Methods for Repairing Foundation Cracks

Cracks or leaks in a home's foundation often require a professional evaluation to ensure that there is no major underlying structural damage taking place.

Safeguard Waterproofing - Ram Jack Illinois provides expertise in the field of foundation cracks and leaks with a variety of highly-effective solutions to restore integrity to your home.

Hairline Cracks Are Normal

If you are noticing very thin cracks around your homes foundation, this is usually not an issue of concern. These are a sign of normal home settling after construction. As concrete cures in place, it will experience small, threadlike cracks due to shrinkage.

Professional Inspections for Cracks

Our team is always at-the-ready to provide a professional inspection of your home's foundation. If you are noticing cracks growing bigger as months go by, this is often a good time to bring in a professional. (You can easily track crack growth by marking their ends with a pencil and measuring the width at the widest point.)

Methods for Foundation Crack Repair in Chicago

Our team is equipped to provide whatever foundation repair method is most effective to fix the cracks in your foundation. If the issue is an underlying structural problem, our team can provide new support underneath your home as well as lift your home back to its right level. If you have leaking walls, our team can restore the integrity of your basement.

  • Helical Piles: Where foundation failure has occurred, our team can implement helical piles to ensure your home rests on load-bearing soil or bedrock.
  • Driven Piles: These are another solution for when foundation damage requires extensive repair. We can return your home to level if it is sinking or part of your home is no longer supported.
  • Polyurethane Grouts: For less extensive damage, polyurethane grouts are an excellent way to fill in cracks and prevent further cracking.
  • Epoxy & Carbon Fiber Strips: To prevent leaking in your basement walls and to restore their integrity, epoxy and carbon fiber strips are an effective solution.

Learn more about our foundation crack repair in Chicago by calling (847) 603-4048.

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