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Foundation Repair in Boston

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Did you know that torrential rain and bad weather could be damaging your foundation? Living in New England means you can expect the occasional strong storm each year, as well as seasonal snows and cold snaps. While you might get frustrated at the harsh weather, don’t forget that your home has to deal with it, too. All of the rain and cold temperatures can wreak havoc to your home’s foundation, causing it to crack, split, shift, or otherwise fail. This is especially true if you have poor soil conditions or poor drainage around your home.

When your Boston home or business needs foundation repairs, you can count on Ram Jack New England. Our industry experts are highly trained in foundation repair and equipped with industry-leading tools and equipment patented under the Ram Jack® name. In other words, our competitors simply cannot promise the same caliber of foundation repair services that we can.

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How to Spot Foundation Damage

Your property is built upon a foundation to keep it steady and level. Although the foundation is crucial for your home’s structural integrity, it often goes unnoticed, as does the signs that it is experienced issues. Foundation damage under your home or business could be severe, but you might never notice it until things go catastrophically wrong.

To identify foundation damage early, keep an eye out for these warning signs:

  • Floors that slope or feel uneven underfoot
  • Brickwork that cracks or separates
  • Drywall and flooring that cracks or crumbles
  • Windows or doors that separate from their frames
  • Ceilings that lift from walls, forming a gap

If you have seen any of these telltale signs of foundation damage around your home, it is time to call (508) 232-4676 right away and speak with one of our Boston foundation repair contractors. With a thorough inspection of your property, we can determine the true extent of your foundation damage and advise you on how to take care of it as soon as possible. Waiting too long to repair foundation damage not only increases the price of any future fixes due to the problem worsening, but it also puts your entire property at risk of a structural collapse.

Inspecting Interior Floors for Damage

People are often first tipped off about foundation damage when they notice that interior floors are sloping or sagging. Any level from a hardware store worth its price will be able to tell you if your flooring is sloping. Just place the level where you think there is an issue and see if the bubble moves away from the center. Ideally, the bubble will not move. No level? Put a golf ball on hardwood or tile flooring and see if it starts to roll.

When you get the help of Ram Jack New England, we can inspect your interior floors for damage and signs of foundation failure. We go into the crawlspaces beneath your home to see if the support beams and joints under the floor are sagging, bending, or creaking. If there are issues, then we will let you know what is happening and how to address it.

Support Shifting Soil

As mentioned, the weather in the greater Boston area can be harsh on both you and your home’s foundation. Due to the weather, the soil under your home’s foundation can actually shrink or expand. As it moves around, the foundation moves, too. Or, it tries to move but cannot due to its mass and ends up cracking instead.

Weather and other natural occurrences that can affect the soil under your home include:

  • Low, persistent temperatures that freeze the soil, which eventually thaws
  • Heavy rainfall that floods the soil
  • Heatwaves that make the soil shift and expand, like desert sand
  • Shifting faults that run deep under the ground

If your Bostin home has experienced shifting soil due to the weather or a fault, we can help sustain it again. Using our patented industry tools and equipment, we can sustain a defective, sloping, or cracked foundation without the need for extensive slab repair. Through our in-depth inspection service, our team members will be able to best advise you whether or not to use stabilizing methods or slab repair techniques.

When Slab Repair is Necessary

If your home is constructed in the midst of vegetation and trees, it can make for a picturesque scene around your property. However, it can also spell trouble for your home if it is built on a concrete slab for its foundation. Roots from the adjacent vegetation can slowly spread, year after year, until they put immense pressure on the slab. Eventually, the constant force of the growing root will break the concrete slab.

Slab repair becomes necessary if our foundation repair contractors identify significant damage to the concrete slab that can’t be corrected through support. Our goal is keeping your home sturdy and your family safe. If repair is the best way to ensure your safety and satisfaction, we will let you know and discuss your foundation repair options.

Repairs for Crawlspaces Under Your Home

Some homes are not built directly on concrete slabs but have crawlspaces underneath them instead. Concrete blocks or feet are placed to prop-up the home, so it does not rest directly on top of the soil. Changes to the soil can cause these concrete blocks to move, which puts pressure on the rest of the foundation’s framework. Bending or bowing frames may lead to diminished structural integrity, risking a property collapse.

Our crawlspace repair professionals from Ram Jack New England can closely inspect your crawlspace for signs of damage. If necessary, we can complete repairs using industry-leading methods that last, like helical pipes. You will not find any temporary or shoddy repairs here!

Seawall Repair

Oceanfront properties in Boston can be susceptible to erosion and loss of reinforcement in their seawalls over time. We offer seawall repair solutions to keep your structures safe for years to come.

Porch, Patio, & Concrete Stair Support

If your porch or patio is cracking or sinking, addressing soil problems underneath will be necessary. Demolishing and rebuilding will likely just lead to the same issue later on. Our team provides pile support for porches, patios, and concrete stairs.

Foundation Repair Options for Commercial & Industrial Businesses

Ram Jack® is unique in that we can either design and implement foundation repair plans for you, or we can give you the tools to create such a plan yourself. Our Ram Jack Foundation Solutions software is available to companies with their own internal engineering departments who are suited to conduct foundation repairs. We can give you access to our software so you can design a solution with your team.

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The patented Ram Jack Foundation Repair System is now being offered to homeowners and business owners alike throughout the Boston area. If your property is experiencing foundation damage and defects, make us the one and only team you call to handle it. We offer free foundation evaluations* to give you a clearer idea of what needs to be done and what it might cost. Remember: When it comes to foundation repairs, the sooner they are completed, the better.

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(* Evaluations that require engineering services may incur a service fee.)