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Foundation Inspection in Virginia Beach

Ram Jack Virginia Beach is your trusted partner in foundation solutions. With over 40 years of experience, we provide comprehensive foundation inspection services to safeguard the structural integrity of your residential and commercial properties.

Why Foundation Inspection is Important

Ignoring minor cracks or shifts in your property's foundation can lead to significant problems down the line. A professional foundation inspection by our experts at Ram Jack Virginia Beach can identify potential issues early, saving you from costly repairs and structural damage.

Our Foundation Inspection Process

We follow a thorough process that includes an on-site evaluation, visual assessment of interior and exterior conditions, and analysis of the property's history and location, among others. Our experienced engineers use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate results.

Floor Level Survey:

This survey measures deviations in the levelness of your floors which could indicate foundational issues.

Masonry Evaluation:

We inspect bricks, blocks, and stonework for any signs of cracks or shifts that may point toward a compromised foundation.

Landscape Assessment:

An assessment of the surrounding landscape helps identify factors like soil type & slope that might affect the stability of your structure over time.

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Serving Chesapeake, VA, and Surrounding Areas

From our location in Chesapeake, VA, we are proud to serve homeowners and businesses throughout Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. We look forward to helping you protect your investment with our comprehensive foundation inspection services.

Common Signs of Foundation Damage

If you suspect your home's foundation may be compromised, it's crucial to identify and address the issue immediately. If left unchecked, foundation problems can lead to significant structural damage, jeopardizing the safety and stability of your home. To help you recognize potential warning signs, we've compiled a list of common indicators that may suggest foundation issues.

Key indicators encompass:

  • Wall and Floor Cracks: Unexplained cracks in walls or floors may indicate underlying foundation issues, urging immediate attention.
  • Issues with Doors and Windows: Doors and windows showing resistance or misalignment could signal shifts in the foundation, prompting a comprehensive evaluation.
  • Uneven or Sloping Floors: Uneven or sloping floors often point to potential foundation settlement or heaving, necessitating a thorough examination.
  • Gaps Around Window Frames or Exterior Doors: Visible gaps around window frames or exterior doors could indicate foundation shifts, prompting the need for a detailed inspection.
  • Warping or Bulging Walls: Walls showing signs of warping or bulging are red flags for potential foundation stress, requiring immediate attention.
  • Evidence of Water Damage: Water damage or pooling around the foundation implies drainage issues, which can exacerbate foundation problems if not addressed promptly.

If you see any of these signs, it's best to get a thorough foundation inspection as soon as possible. The experienced team at Ram Jack Virginia Beach is ready to offer expert assistance.

For professional foundation inspection services in Virginia Beach, VA, call (757) 337-4122 or contact us online today.