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Foundation Inspection in Los Angeles

Foundation Repair Experts

Ram Jack employee performing a foundation inspection in Los Angeles Evaluating foundation problems is a technical process. It's best to call in for professional foundation inspection assistance rather than attempt to eyeball the issue.

If you have any concern that your foundation may be in trouble, it is best to get a professional on the scene quickly. Foundation damage becomes more expensive and more dangerous as time passes.

If you see foundation cracks or signs of damage, our Los Angeles foundation contractors can help. We have the years of experience needed to quickly identify the nature of the problem and the most effective repair method. We can help protect your home from eroding soil as well as earthquake damage.

Give us a call at (818) 423-4352 or request an appointment online for foundation inspection and repair near you!

Our Foundation Inspection Checklist

During a visit from foundation repair professionals at Ram Jack SoCal, there will be a period of careful data collection. After the data has been collected, the foundation specialist will answer your questions. They will then run through their inspection checklist both inside and outside of the property.

Your free residential foundation inspection includes:

  • Careful & Comprehensive Assessment. Overall, an inspection may take a couple hours for midrange sized homes.
  • Answering Questions. We understand that the structural integrity of your home is extremely important. We will take the time to educate you on what the problem is and why it is happening.
  • Full Home Elevation Profile. The foundation specialist will use tools to analyze the elevation profile. They will survey the inside and outside.
  • Scale Drawing. The Los Angeles foundation technician will make a drawing of the building with obstructions and utility lines marked out.
  • Marking the Location of Cracks. The location of cracks will be included on the service plan.
  • A Service Plan for Repair. This includes repair methods available to resolve the problems uncovered during the inspection.
  • Outline for Repair. What repair products (helical piles, driven piles) will be needed. Where repairs will be performed.
  • Estimation of Costs. The inspection should include estimates for the cost.

Learn more about our home foundation inspection and repair services by giving us a call at (818) 423-4352 or contacting us online.

What Causes Foundation Problems?

One of the primary causes of foundation problems is soil movement.

Soil movement can be caused by a variety of factors, including expansion and contraction due to extreme temperatures and moisture, construction work nearby that causes excessive vibrations, inadequate compaction of the soil during initial construction, or even natural settling over time.

Additionally, poor drainage or irrigation will destabilize the ground around a structure and weaken its foundation. It's important to inspect your foundation regularly in order to spot any possible issues before they become serious problems.

Early Signs of a Cracked Home Foundation

Our Los Angeles foundation inspection professionals at Ram Jack SoCal can assist homeowners with notes of what to look for when you're inspecting your own foundation. If something seems suspicious or like it may be an issue, it's best to reach out and have a foundation inspection professional take a look.

To look for early signs of a cracked home foundation, you should keep an eye out for:

  • Cracks in tile - Many may think that tile would be susceptible to cracking after years of use, but most in-home tile is pretty sturdy. Oftentimes cracked tile can be a sign that there is an issue with your home's foundation. This is due to the uneven surface below forcing the title to push against itself and ultimately causing it to crack.
  • Leaning walls - Leaning walls aren't completely obvious. You won't typically see this issue at first sight. Many notice leaning walls he they are adjusting wall art or picture frames. If they do not line up straight against the wall this can be caused by an issue with your foundation.
  • Doors out of place - If you're noticing that your doors aren't closing all the way and replacing screws still isn't helping; it can be a sign of an uneven foundation. The uneven foundation can cause doors not to close properly due to an uneven surface below.

Are you in need of a foundation inspection in Los Angeles? Dial (818) 423-4352 or request an appointment online!