Residential Foundation Repair 101

Foundation Repair 101

Basics of Repairing Foundations

Damage to your home or building’s foundation can create some major problems for you—both now and in the future. If the foundation shows extensive damage, it may be unsafe to have residents or guests inside. On top of that, if your property has a damaged foundation, you likely won’t be able to sell it as quickly or easily. You may even see a significant decrease in value!

Work with the experienced and diligent foundation specialists at Ram Jack®. We can ensure your home or building foundation is structurally sound and safe. We have worked with homeowners, engineers, and commercial contractors for more than 40 years! Our in-house engineers and experts provide rock-solid solutions for all types of foundation issues.

What Creates Problems with the Foundation?

Water and soil are the main source of foundation problems and can be created by:

  • Improper drainage
  • Poorly installed rain gutters
  • Leaks in the plumbing
  • Evaporation or saturation of water in the soil
  • Soil not properly prepared for the foundation
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Resolving Foundation Problems

When the foundation is damaged, there are a wide range of options for repairing the foundation. After assessing the specific issues with your building’s foundation, our team can help you determine the right form of foundation stabilization needed. Whether it is using deep-driven steel pile systems or some other remedy, you can rely on our experienced and professional foundation repair experts to deliver quality solutions.

Residential Case Studies

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Foundation Repair 101

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At Ram Jack, we provide high quality services and have more than 50 locations with repair specialists throughout the country. Along with our more than four decades of experience, we own 12 patents and have applied for 20 on products that are designed to help with foundations. We are the team you want on the job.

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    Joy U.

  • Ram Jack Systems Distribution "We cannot express how happy we are with not only the quality of work that was done on our century-old barn, but how great your workers were. They were a great group of guys and helped us every way they could. We love you, and so do the horses. We will alwa"

    Brian and Fran W.

  • Ram Jack Systems Distribution "Ram Jack saved my investment property."

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