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Rock-Steady Solutions from Our Foundation Repair Specialists

Many houses are supported by columns that stand in beam span between the foundation walls. Over time, these columns can corrode, crack, and weaken, endangering the structural integrity of the property. When this happens, it is advised that the homeowner speaks with a foundation repair expert with experience installing and replacing these columns.

If you're a homeowner that believes you're suffering a foundation column issue, our experienced professionals at Ram Jack® are ready to speak with you. Our project managers are prepared to come to your property, conduct a visual inspection, and provide you with reliable and cost-effective column replacement options.

*Not all locations offer this specialized service.

Replacing a Failing Column

No two jobs are alike, but at Ram Jack, we've developed efficient strategies to assess and replace compromised foundation columns. The key to this process is providing reliable temporary support to the home while our professionals work to replace the failing column.

A typical column replacement job includes:

  • Temporarily supporting the failing beam

  • Installation of a helical pile into the soil (to support weight)

  • Installation of concrete pad above the steel bracket (and left to dry)

  • Installation of new column

  • Transference of house weight back onto the new column

If you need a column repaired or replaced, Ram Jack is ready to handle the project from beginning to end. Our project managers will secure the necessary permits to safely and legally work on your project and oversee the entire project to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship.

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