Commercial Driven Pile System

Driven Pile System

Support for Foundations of Existing Structures

Driven steel piles are sometimes referred to as push or resistance piles. They are used to underpin the foundation of an existing structure. The piles are pushed into the soil with hydraulic cylinders by using the weight of the structure as a reaction force. Each pile is installed individually, utilizing the maximum resistance of the structure as a reaction force.

Ram Jack® manufactures three different sizes of driven steel piles: 2 ⅜”, 2 ⅞” and 3 ½” diameters. We also have the facility to custom fabricate any size for special orders.

Driven pile system

Driven Pile Specifications

Driven Pile Product Drawings

Pile Components

Our driven piles have four primary components.

These include the following:

  1. Bracket
  2. Guide Sleeve
  3. Piling
  4. Starter


Hydraulically driven steel piles use the weight of the structure as a reaction force during installation, which means they are only used for remedial foundation repairs. The structure must have sufficient weight to allow enough force to be applied to the pile to reach a load-supporting strata.

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