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The Sign Dart: Revolutionizing Free-Standing Support

What is Sign Dart?

Sign Dart is a game-changing, American-made steel product engineered to streamline foundation support for a variety of applications. Featuring a helical disc and patented fin support design, it offers quick and efficient installation without the need for concrete, making it an ideal solution for numerous industries and professionals.

The Challenge

Traditionally, many applications such as traffic signs, bollards, emergency call boxes, flag poles, pole structures, and solar panels have faced the challenge of time-consuming and costly foundation installations. Concrete foundations often demand extra labor, time, and expenses. The Sign Dart design and installation process eliminates the need for any extra products or work. Simply drive the Dart into the soil with a hydraulic driver and let the patented helical design pull the Dart into the dirt.

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Unlocking Efficiency, Savings, and Versatility

Sign Dart isn't just a product; it's a strategic advantage for commercial industries. Discover how Sign Dart can boost your business in various applications:

Department of Transportation (DOT):

  • Rapid Sign Installation: Streamline your sign deployment, saving time and reducing disruptions.

  • Cost Savings: Cut down on labor costs and expenses associated with concrete installs.

  • No Concrete Required: Say goodbye to lengthy concrete work, enjoy hassle-free installation.

Bollard Installation:

  • Quick and Secure Bollard Anchoring: Secure bollards efficiently, reducing installation time.

  • Reduced Labor Costs: Minimize workforce requirements and optimize resources.

  • Versatile Applications: Address diverse projects with a single solution.

Emergency Call Boxes:

  • Reliable Call Box Support: Ensure that call boxes are always ready to serve their critical purpose.

  • Accessibility for Assistance: Enhance safety and accessibility in public areas.

  • Affordable Foundation Solution: Keep your budget in check while maintaining quality.

Solar Panel Installations:

  • Solid Solar Panel Foundations: Secure your solar panels with a robust and reliable foundation.

  • Quick Setup: Get your solar panels operational faster, improving your ROI.

  • Cost-Effective Alternative: Save on construction costs without compromising on quality.


  • Versatile Foundation Support: Adapt to various projects with ease.

  • Time-Efficiency: Complete projects swiftly, meeting tight schedules.

  • Eliminates Concrete Costs: Reduce expenses and simplify installations.

Ready to Discover More?

If you're looking to change the way you do foundation support for traffic signs and more, Sign Dart is your answer. Learn more about how Sign Dart can benefit your specific needs by visiting our website.

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