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Helical Piles for Modular Homes: A Solid Foundation Solution

In the midst of a national housing crisis, the demand for efficient and sustainable solutions is more pressing than ever. Enter modular homes, a revolutionary approach to housing that offers a beacon of hope in tackling this crisis. With their ability to be prefabricated offsite and swiftly assembled at the permanent location, modular homes hold immense promise. However, the cornerstone of their success lies in the strength of their foundation. As these homes do not use traditional construction methods, it is essential to ensure a safe and stable foundation. That's where the Ram Jack New Construction Bracket products step in, offering a robust and reliable foundation solution tailored to the unique requirements of modular homes.


Modular home construction is a field that's full of new ideas, but it's not without its problems. These homes are different from traditional houses in a lot of ways, so there are some challenges that need to be overcome to make sure they're safe and long-lasting.

One of the problems with modular construction is the cost and risk of transporting the components from the factory to the site. This is because modular construction involves prefabricating the components in a factory and then transporting them to the site where they are assembled. This can be expensive and risky, as the components are often large and heavy. This incurs not only financial considerations but also the looming threat of damage during transit. Moreover, the allure of customization and distinct design choices often takes a back seat due to the limitations inherent in building modules off-site.

The approval process and financing can be difficult, and they can add to the cost and time it takes to build a modular home. That's why we need innovative foundation solutions that are specifically designed for modular homes. These solutions can help modular homes get built faster and cheaper, and they can help modular homes become a more mainstream option for homebuyers.


Ram Jack's innovative helical pile system is a great solution for the tricky problem of building stable foundations for modular homes. It's tested and tried through the years, and it can handle even the most complex demands. These piles, characterized by their helix-shaped plates, provide unparalleled stability and remarkable load-bearing capacity, ensuring a secure foundation for modular homes.

Helical piles are driven down below the earth’s surface until they reach proper load-bearing strata, effectively mitigating risks posed by uneven terrain and potential upper soil movement. Their installation process requires minimal disturbance to the site, resulting in reduced environmental impact and shorter construction timelines. This method not only enhances the structural integrity of modular homes but also bolsters their resilience against external forces.

We specialize in providing foundation support for modular homes through our variety of innovative solutions, including new construction brackets that work seamlessly with our patented helical pile system. These brackets create a strong and secure connection between the modular home's structure and the helical piles.


Imagine a foundation that stands strong through the years, offering unwavering stability and durability. That's exactly what our system provides – a rock-solid base that ensures your modular home stays secure for the long haul, giving you peace of mind like never before. And for builders, our solution is a game-changer. It not only gives confidence in the structural integrity of the modular homes you create but also contributes to the overall success of your projects. With Ram Jack's support, your creations will not only be aesthetically appealing but also backed by a foundation that's built to last.


Interested in integrating Ram Jack into your modular home venture? Get in touch with our commercial team to discover how we can elevate your construction projects. Your solid foundation journey starts here.

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