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Foundation Repair in Schaumburg, IL

Foundation Solutions & Basement Waterproofing in Northern Illinois

Have you discovered cracks in your foundation? Few things transform a happy homeowner into a stressed and discouraged homeowner quite so quickly. Worst of all, these house problems can often appear without warning and leave you uncertain about the true nature and magnitude of the damage.

Lucky for you, we have solutions. The team at Safeguard Waterproofing can visit your home to inspect your foundation cracks and provide you with a clear diagnosis. Sometimes foundation cracks are normal and harmless. Sometimes, they indicate a serious underlying issue that should be addressed immediately. We can educate you on the difference and advise you on what you should do next. Our foundation repair contractors proudly serve Schaumburg, IL with foundation repair, yard drainage, and basement waterproofing services.

Prevent Water Problems

Northern Illinois experiences frequent storms and occasional flooding. These forces of nature often wreak havoc on basements—but flooded basements aren’t inevitable. Our expert team knows how to protect crawl spaces and other basement rooms from water damage, even before it happens.

Our team applies our expertise outside your home too. If you notice water forming puddles that ruin your lawn, we can install drain systems and sump pumps to control the extra water. These drains often protect your home’s foundation as well.

Repair Cracked Foundations

Houses settle over time, so it’s common for foundations to develop cracks. These lead to interior damage and structural problems, so you need to call for repairs right away. Our team evaluates your entire foundation and pinpoints weak spots. Then we use a heavy-duty Ram Jack® system to make the necessary repairs fast.

Let Safeguard Waterproofing keep your house in top condition. Call (847) 603-4048 with questions or to request an estimate on our services.