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Foundation Repair in Westchester, IL

The village of Westchester, IL has recently updated the Building Code to better protect local homes and businesses from water damage. For example, according to the Building Code, a building’s grading should allow water to drain away from the building so that foundation damage does not occur.

Even with these new building codes in place, water can still damage homes and commercial buildings. The best way to restore these buildings and prevent future damage is through professional waterproofing services.

One reason poor drainage or improper grading can be problematic is due to soil expansion. When water pools or collects in one area, it can cause soil to expand. When this happens next to a home's foundation, the soil begins to exert pressure on the foundation and/or basement walls leading to foundation damage.

Safeguard Waterproofing offers foundation repair and other services to protect buildings throughout Westchester, IL.

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Comprehensive Waterproofing Services

If you see leaks, cracks, or other signs of water damage, call us immediately. We restore your building’s integrity with a variety of foundation services.

  • Sewer backup prevention: Count on us to prevent backups by installing a new sewer line section equipped with dual backflow valves and an ejector pit.
  • Foundation repair: We use the renowned Ram Jack system to repair foundations, misaligned floors, and other problems.
  • Yard drainage: Let us solve your yard drainage issues with a complete drainage piping system.
  • Basement waterproofing: If you notice cracks, mold, or wet spots in your basement, call us for waterproofing services. We install drain tile and sump pumps to direct the water away from your basement.
  • Elevator pit waterproofing: Keep your building up to code and protect your investment with waterproofing for your elevator.

Don’t let water damage harm your home or building’s structure. Call for a free foundation repair inspection in Westchester, IL at (847) 603-4048.