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The Ram Jack System

What sets The Ram Jack System apart?

  • More than 40 years developing and improving our systems, leading to over 20 patents
  • Ram Jack manufactures its own products, using 100% American-made steel
  • National warranty trust
  • ISO 9001 compliant
  • Payment options
  • Highly-trained employees

We have the following unique solutions for foundation repair and support:

Driven Piles

Commonly used on residential and commercial structures with sufficient weight

  • Friction-Reducing Starter: Every driven pile is advanced into the ground with a lead section designed to reduce internal and external friction, therefore increasing the depth of every pile ensuring a load-bearing strata has been reached.
  • Twin Hydraulic Drive System: Our dual rams are able to drive deeper into permanent strata. Our driving head delivers rapid power to long sections of piling, allowing for quick installation and a stronger pile.
  • Guide Sleeves: Variable-length guide sleeves help stiffen the piling in less-compacted surface layers.

Helical Piles

Used on lightweight structures and areas with soft soils

  • Hydraulic Drive Motor: Helicals are torqued into the ground utilizing a hydraulic drive motor. This method reduces the strain on existing structures and allows for installation on lightweight structures and also new construction.
  • Individual Bearing Plates: Provide greater surface area to bear the weight of forces on the pile
  • Threaded Connections: Provides the strongest, most rigid connection in the industry

Make an appointment with Ram Jack Oklahoma to learn about specific services we offer or start by calling (580) 271-9595.

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