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Sea Wall Solutions

Protect Your Property from Erosion

Sea wall integrity is critical for waterside properties. Seawalls protect property from erosion by any body of water including lakes, ponds, rivers, inlets, and the ocean. Seawalls also protect property from flooding and poor drainage. If the seawall on your property is failing, you could be risking serious property damage. If you suspect your seawall is in need of repairs, it’s important to call Ram Jack for an on-site evaluation.

How to know if your seawall is in need of repair:

  • Is the seawall moving away at the top or cap?

  • Are there signs of soil washing out from behind the wall?

  • Is the wall bowing or bulging in the middle from excess pressure buildup?

  • Is the wall kicking out at the bottom?

  • Is the seawall moving away from the deck?

  • Do you see excessive signs of erosion?

All of these issues can indicate a loss of soil containment, which can negatively impact your property, as well as the quality of aquatic life. Contact us today and our trained consultants can provide affordable seawall solutions.

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