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Residential Foundation Settlement

Case Studies

Introduction: Foundation settlement can lead to a wide array of problems for any home. Whether it’s sagging walls with cracked bricks or a sinking driveway with an uneven slope, the damage can be severe and overwhelming. The fact is that when a foundation settles, it doesn’t discriminate, wreaking havoc on whatever it supports.

Situation: The owners of a home in Cleveland, Tennessee, contacted Ram Jack Eastern Tennessee after noticing some irregularities in the walls and driveway around their garage. A Ram Jack professional performed an inspection and found cracks in both the exterior brick wall of the home outside the garage as well as in the cinder blocks inside the structure. The concrete driveway was severely cracked with uneven areas and irregularities in the grading. Gradual foundation settlement appeared to be to blame for the subsequent issues with the residence.

Proposed Solution: In order to support the structure, Ram Jack proposed the installation of six driven piles, one helical tieback, and the use of a carbon fiber kit to provide maximum practical recovery to the structure. The six driven piles were to be installed in the interior of the garage, with the helical tieback and carbon fiber kit used on the exterior wall.

Outcome: The repair crew successfully installed the six driven piles inside the garage to an average depth of 42 ft. They also installed the helical tieback to a depth of 10 ft. With the piles installed and work complete, the structure was completely supported and its integrity restored. Additionally, the unsightly cracks were minimized, improving the appearance of the home.

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Project Type: Residential
Year: 2014
Application: Tieback
Foundation Type: Basement

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