Drainage Repair

Drainage Repair in Charleston

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The EPS aggregate in EZFlow Drain Systems takes the place of gravel usually found in drainage applications, resulting in savings of time, labor, and transportation costs. With EZflow, there is far less risk of tree and other landscape damage than with conventional systems, AND there’s no gravel to clean up! And, since it is so light in weight and easy to handle – a 10 foot section of EZflow equals 1/4 ton of gravel. Water travels through EZFlow 5 times faster than through gravel.

Performance of Expandable Polystyrene

Control Ground Water

  • Wet Spots
  • Slow Draining Areas
  • Wet Weather Springs
  • Mosquito Breeding Grounds

French Drains

  • 6" or 10" systems

Foundation Drains

  • Meets Building Code Specifications

Retaining Wall Drains

Keeping Your Family & Home Safe

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