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Sump Pump Services

Keeping Your Basement Dry & Comfortable

Once water has been redirected using our drainage system, it needs to be removed and routed away from your home. Our sump pumps are installed to pump out this excess water, keeping your basement dry and comfortable. Our sump pumps are installed with a battery backup so they continue to operate uninterrupted during heavy storms and power outages.

Standing water in your crawl space or basement is never a good thing. Water intrusion and standing water can cause a multitude of problems if they are not addressed quickly. If you have problems with standing water, a sump pump installation could be a solution.

Learn Sump System Basics

Sump systems can seem complicated. As a homeowner, you need to feel confident that a sump pump will protect your basement the next time a storm rages and waters flow.

Here’s how a typical sump pump system works:

  • Ground water collector – Many flooding problems come from soggy ground that requires a water collecting system. Drainage rocks or tiles buried near your home’s foundation carry groundwater directly to your sump pump.

  • Sump tank – Some waterproofing companies also refer to the sump tank as a pit or basin. Installers put this tank or pit in the lowest part of your basement. Tank construction may involve fiberglass, concrete, tile, steel, or even clay. Most tanks sit two or three feet deep.

  • Pump system – Once water collects in your sump tank, it has to go somewhere. Your pump system moves the liquid out of your tank through pipes or hoses. Pumps turn off when the water’s level drops low enough.

  • Drain outlet – After your pump system carries water away from your basement, it deposits the liquid far away from your home. Ask your waterproofing expert or city officials about building codes, which dictate where the water goes.

Choose a System Type that Works for Your home

Your local Ram Jack consultant can help you determine what type of sump pump system will work best for your home. Remember, the type of sump pump you need depends on your home’s size, your property’s grading (slope), your flooding risk, and other factors.

More Waterproofing Tips

If you decide on a sump pump system, great. In fact, you may need more than one if your home is large. However, you should also talk to your Ram Jack waterproofing consultant about general waterproofing tips. After all, you may have other issues like leaky gutters that contribute to the problems you are experiencing.

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