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Drainage Repair in Charleston

Home Drainage Systems to Protect Your Property & Foundation
Technician repairing ground drains

If you need drainage system repair or installation, we can help. Our team has the tools and expertise to keep your foundation protected and your property dry.

Foundation Drains

When there is insufficient sloping or soil grading around a foundation, a secondary system is needed. A drainage system can ensure that groundwater cannot collect by the foundation.

  • Meets Building Code Specifications

Retaining Wall Drains

Perhaps your foundation is not the main concern. Our drainage system is equally effective with retaining walls. Our drain contractors in West Virginia and Southern Ohio can ensure that your foundation drainage system is up to code. By the end of the project, your home foundation should be protected.

Why It Is Important to Have Drainage for a Foundation

  • Prevent Mold: Mold formation can begin in a basement, crawlspace, or foundation area. This is due to the humidity increase from the presence of water.
  • Prevent Rot: Wood in the floors or walls will begin to rot if groundwater seeps in. This is common in unprotected foundations and basements.
  • Water Leaks: Water pooling in the basement or foundation walls should be addressed. Otherwise, it will cause damage to a home's structure.
  • Foundation Cracks: Groundwater can cause soil expansion and contraction near a home. This can create pressure that will crack a foundation.
  • Protecting Your Basement: If your basement does not have waterproofing, both your foundation and any property inside it are at risk.

Why This Foundation Drainage System Is Better Than Standard Gravel

Faster Flow Rate

Compared with traditional gravel and pipe systems, the yard drainage system we use has a flow rate that is 30% better.

Easier to Install

The systems we install are extremely lightweight and can be installed in half the time of other pipe systems.

Material Has Very Long Lifespan

The material we use has a lifespan of over 100 years.

Withstands the Freeze & Thaw Cycle

Theses systems are designed to withstand the most extreme temperatures on earth.

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