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A History of Foundation Solutions

Serving Hudson, St. Petersburg, & Tampa

Ram Jack has been helping clients stay on solid ground since 1968. The backbone of the business is providing the most technologically advanced solutions to ease the worries homeowners may have about their home's foundation. Through honesty, integrity, and a straight forward manner, Ram Jack has built a business that customers trust and depend upon.

Steven D. Gregory took control of his family pest control business in the '70s. He changed the name to Gregory Enterprises and joined the ranks of the foundation repair industry. Finding the methods of the time unreliable, the company chose to invest in advanced technology. A decade later, the Ram Jack Steel Pile made its debut, along with a new company dedicated to providing a strong, reliable system for repairing residential and commercial foundations and committed to delivering complete customer satisfaction.

In 1995, Ram Jack began an expansion that soon had foundation specialists installing their systems across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. Today, Ram Jack is an industry leader with the most highly trained employees and engineers, and Ram Jack foundation repair systems are being used across the country to solve the most challenging foundation problems. Ram Jack is proud of its strict quality control procedures and specifications and uses only the finest American-made steel products, ensuring a virtually fail-proof foundation repair system. Engineers estimate the Ram Jack piles to have a life expectancy of 50-100 years. To date, Ram Jack has installed over 255,000 piers (over 11 million feet) on over 52,000 residential and commercial buildings.

Johnny "B" Buczynski is the owner/operator of All Florida Ram Jack (to learn more about Johnny click here).

Thank you for your interest in Ram Jack. Our engineers are available to answer any questions you might have and provide all the assistance you need to solve your foundation problems. We never let you down!

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