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Buying a House with Sloping Floors

We are looking at buying a house that has some sloping floors. We have also noticed a musty smell in the crawlspace. Are you able to help us with these problems?


Thanks for your inquiry. 

If the floors slope is towards an exterior wall it is probably a foundation problem possibly due to poor soil conditions and a water leak, or drainage problem in the yard near the foundation.  If it is sloping towards an interior wall, it is possibly associated with an inadequate floor support system.  The cost to support an exterior foundation depends on the number of pile that need to be installed to provide the proper support and how deep the pile need to go to reach a suitable bearing layer.   An interior support repair cost depends on the access, amount of work required, and what materials need to be replaced.  We can also provide a durable plastic seal in the crawl space and/or repair and seal cracks that may be leaking into the area or install an active ventilation system to provide a healthy subfloor environment.

Good luck with your purchase.  Let us know how we can be of further service.