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At Ram Jack Northern California, we are focused on providing custom engineered solutions that meet the unique needs of our commercial clients. View our Commercial Case Studies here, or learn more about what Ram Jack has to offer below.

New Construction
New Construction piles solve the problem of poor soil conditions. Ram Jack New Construction Helicals will anchor the structure on stable soil. The piles are placed at predetermined depths using our helical installation method. New Construction caps/brackets will be placed on the pile, concrete is then poured allowing the helical pile to be tied together transferring the load of the structure to the new construction helical piles.


Helical tiebacks are used in tension applications to help with temporary or permanent lateral or tie-back support. Tie backs are installed horizontally at varying angles to laterally support earth retaining structures. Our SeaWall Solutions Tieback system is set up specifically for retaining walls near the ocean and other marine applications.

Tiebacks may be used in various ways:

A micropile is a long, steel device that goes deep into the ground to create a strong foundation for large, heavy buildings. Micropiles are highly useful because they do not take up much space, and allow for tall buildings to be built in cramped spaces. They are designed to sustain extremely heavy loads, and have been known to uphold weights in the excess of 1,000 tons. Other benefits include:

  • Functional in virtually all types of soil

  • Extremely high load capacity

  • Work with both compression and tension loads

  • Very useful in confined spaces


Helicals used in the Department of Transportation can be useful to speed projects along and save money. Ram Jack’s patented Sign Dart is one of many ways to use helicals on any DOT projects. Ram Jack also has worked on DOT Bridges to sustain structures that would have otherwise been rebuilt.


Ram Jack provides low-impact foundation solutions for Solar, Pipelines, Electricity, and Wind supporting some of the worlds largest Solar Fields in the world.


Ram Jack prides itself on being a true Foundation Solutions Organization. RJ can use new construction helicals, remedial repair helicals, or driven piles and brackets for your multi family structure. Our vast knowledge of Multi family structural repair is second to none.



Ram Jack was involved in a groundbreaking test of remedial helical piles that supported existing foundations. This was the first of its kind to occur in the United States and aimed to demonstrate the predictable performance of helical piles in seismic liquefaction zones under a structure.


Ready to discuss custom solutions with our team? Contact our Northern California Location to learn about specific commercial services we offer or start by calling (888) 900-0659.

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Ram Jack Northern California can help restore the value of your largest investment.