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Not all soil is the same and different types of soil have different properties. How a soil interacts with water, for instance, has significant implications for the structures that are built upon it. Clay soil, in particular, can retain and bond with water, which can cause expansion and contraction, both of which can cause issues for house foundations.

At Ram Jack, we're well-versed in the issues soil and water can cause house foundations-- but there are ways to prevent this damage before it occurs. Our professionals are prepared to provide soil injection services to reduce your clay soil's susceptibility to expansion and shrinkage and ensure that your home is exposed to as little soil movement as possible.

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*Not all locations offer this specialized service.

The Benefits of Soil Injection

Over the course of the year, it's normal for soil to expand and contract due to exposure to different temperatures and precipitation. Clay soil, however, is notorious for its ability to bond with water and generate deflection (downward movement), heave (upward movement), and swelling that puts tremendous pressure on foundations. Injecting soil stabilizer product into the ground around your home, however, has shown to reduce clay soil's ability to bond with water and minimize these soil movements, protecting your foundation from damage.

Soil injection is also a preferred treatment because:

  • It produces long-lasting results
  • It strengthens soil load capacity (soil density)
  • It's noninvasive
  • It's cost effective

Whether you have already sustained foundation damage due to soil movement or are looking to prevent future issues, our Ram Jack professionals are ready to provide you soil injection options. Call us today to get started.

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