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Leaning Chimney Repair

If your chimney starts to lean away from your home, it’s more than just an eyesore. Leaning chimneys are potentially signs of deeper foundation issues. It could also mean that the chimney itself doesn’t have a firm foundation, or drainage issues have caused it to settle. Don’t take the “wait and see” approach. Have your chimney (and foundation) evaluated by one of Spartan Ram Jack’s Foundation Experts!

We will let you know if the leaning chimney is an issue with just the chimney, or if your whole foundation needs help. Once we identify the problem, we will determine the best way to get your home back in shape.

The most effective repair method for a leaning chimney is helical piers. Helical piers are driven under the leaning chimney until it reaches a solid soil base. Brackets are placed on the helical piers under the chimney footing, and a hydraulic jack slowly lifts the chimney up to its proper position.

Call Spartan Ram Jack today to have your chimney (and your foundation) evaluated!

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