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Soil Injection for Foundations in Houston

Unstable soils are a common problem in many regions of Texas. Soil injection is a method of foundation repair designed to bring more stability to soil around a building foundation. This can help prevent further damage from occurring due to soil movement.

Clay soils are some of the most problematic in terms of foundation problems. This is because they are able to absorb a significant amount of water. This leads the soil to expand when moisture is present and contract when the soils dry out. The expansion and contraction cycle can be very damaging to a concrete foundation.

The goal of soil injection is to reduce this tendency for soil to move and expand.

Generally, soil injection is the best solution for specific circumstances. Situations with extensive foundation damage will require installing driven piles. But for damage that is more local and limited, soil injection can be the perfect fit.

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May Be Part of Multiple Solutions

Sometimes, more than one solution is necessary to prevent a foundation from experiencing harm. If your property is prone to receive heavy moisture, you may need to consider adding in drainage systems to divert water away from your home. If you have a basement, waterproofing the foundation is probably a needed investment. Lastly, you should consider how your property is graded. If water naturally moves downward toward your home, you may need to update the landscaping to prevent water moving in this direction.

Working in tandem with soil injection, these solutions can ensure your foundation remains in prime condition for many years to come.

soil that has lost moisture, dried up and cracked

Is Soil Injection Complicated?

We are happy to say that the answer is no! Soil injection is a very simple process. Our team will arrive with a truck hooked up to the soil stabilizing chemical. The injections will most likely take place at different points around the base of the home to ensure sufficient distribution. We will monitor the amount of chemical being injected to ensure that the right volume is being administered. Overall, the process is not invasive and should leave little to no visible mark on your property.

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