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Houston Chimney Foundation Repair

Leaning Chimney Repair Near You!

Noticing that your chimney has begun to lean can be a disorienting sight. If you are seeing your chimney separating from your home, the underlying cause is likely a foundation or structural problem. While it might look scary, a leaning chimney isn’t that uncommon. Leaning chimneys can be caused by several different factors. If you notice that your chimney has started to lean, or if you have any other foundation repair questions, give Ram Jack Texas a call.

Leaning brick chimney in Houston

When looking at the way your chimney is leaning, the direction the chimney is leaning can tell you the type of foundation issue you are facing.


If it looks like the chimney is about to crash onto your roof, because it is leaning forward, you have a significant structural problem.


If it looks like the chimney is about to crash and fall in your yard, because it is pulling away from your house, you more than likely have a foundation problem.

There are several factors that could cause a chimney to start leaning away from a house. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Shallow Footings
  • Poor Drainage
  • Poor soils that can’t handle a concentrated load

If any of these factors are the cause for your leaning chimney, helical piles can be installed to support the chimney in most cases. Using the piles, the chimney can be pushed back to as close to its normal position and raised at the same time. This will provide your home with a much better look.

You can look for foundation issues on the inside and outside of your house. There are many things that can cause foundation damage. So while you are out checking up on your chimney, be sure and look around your home for damage.

If you have any questions about leaning chimney repair in Houston, be sure and give us a call at (713) 597-8970!