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Foundation Damage Warning Signs in Dallas

Know When to Call Our Foundation Repair Professionals

The foundation under your home is not something you pay a lot of attention to, but it should be. If the foundation starts suffering damages big or small, then it could jeopardize the stability of your entire home. With a careful eye, you can identify a few telltale warning signs that your foundation is in need of repair sooner than later.

To get a professional’s eye on your home’s foundation, though, turn to Ram Jack Texas - North Texas. Our team is trained to spot even the slightest signs of foundation damage and recommend a cost-effective fix. You can’t take chances with foundation repairs. Go with the name people have trusted for decades. Go with Ram Jack®.

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Common Warning Signs of Foundation Damage

If you see any of these problems, then your home might be experiencing serious foundation damage:

  • Misaligned doors: Doors that stick when you try to open or close them are often indicators that the entire foundation has begun to shift. The same is true if you notice a door that doesn’t line up with its striker plate affixed to the doorjamb.
  • Cracked and separated bricks: If your home has exposed brickwork, you should inspect it often for the first signs of foundation damage. Unexplained cracks and separations in the bricks can show that the foundation is shifting.
  • Cracked and separated windows: A randomly forming crack in a windowpane is a sign of foundation damage. Your windows should also fit snuggly in the wall. Any separation between the window frame and the rest of the wall is another warning sign.
  • Cracked and separated fireplaces: Homes equipped with fireplaces have an additional means of exposing foundation damage. The bricks or mortar work in your fireplace should be uniform and clean. Cracks and separation indicate foundation problems are beginning.
  • Separated interior walls: A major indicator of foundation damage is a separation that forms between an interior wall and the ceiling or floor. If you notice this issue, please contact us at (972) 992-1860 right away.
  • Out-of-level countertops: Place a tennis ball on a countertop that should be flat and level. If it starts to roll one direction or another, then there is likely significant foundation damage under your home. For more precise science, use a carpenter’s level.
  • Sloped floors: You can also use the tennis ball or level test on your floor. Any slope, no matter how minor, could be an indicator of a foundation problem that needs attention.
  • Continual slab plumbing leaks: There are pipes that run inside and under the foundational slab of your home. When the foundation shifts or breaks, these pipes can also be affected. If you have called a plumber multiple times for slab leaks in the last couple years, you should call on Ram Jack Texas - North Texas next.

10-Year Foundation Inspection

Foundation damage can occur in any home, new or old. However, they are far more common in older homes. If your home is at least 10 years old, you should schedule a foundation inspection, whether or not you have seen signs of foundation damage. It is quite likely that shifting soil and intrusive tree rots throughout the years have started to affect your foundation without showing any external signs.

Get all the DFW foundation services you need by calling Ram Jack Texas - North Texas at (972) 992-1860 today!

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