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Foundation Inspections in Dallas

Find the Right Solution to Your Damaged or Failing Foundation in DFW

At a simple glance, it’s nearly impossible to understand what damage has occurred to your home’s foundation, as well as any repairs that may be needed.

If you have any concerns regarding your home’s foundation, it is always a smart idea to have a professional foundation expert perform a full inspection to ensure the health and safety of your home – and family! When in doubt, call the professionals at Ram Jack Texas - North Texas.

When it comes down to it, there are nearly as many types of foundation cracks and damages as there are causes. Our professionally trained foundation experts have the knowledge and experience to find out what damage has occurred and what we can do to repair it!

Call (972) 992-1860 to schedule a Dallas foundation inspection with an expert.

Home Foundation Inspection Checklist

When one of our professional technicians comes to your home, they will complete a full inspection of your home’s foundation. This gives our technicians a full understanding of your property while being able to create a solution for you and your home.

What you can expect from our foundation inspection services:

  • Thoroughness – Our experts take the time and care while performing a full inspection of your foundation, which takes around 2 hours for the average home.
  • Professionalism – Foundation specialists use their knowledge and experience to provide you a trustworthy and professional experience.
  • Full-Home Elevation Profile – This profile, for the inside and outside of your home, can be useful in understanding your home’s foundation quality. This can include tools such as an electronic zip level – which is equivalent to the time-tested “water level” trick.
  • Scale Drawing of Home – Your technician will create a scale drawing of your home with all of the major and visible obstructions and utilities. This is done to protect your utilities from being damaged during an excavation.
  • Foundation Report – Our report will outline any of the cracks and other areas of concern regarding your home’s foundation.
  • Service Plan – We will create a service plan that includes a course of action to repair problem areas found during our inspection.
  • Repair Outline – This outline gives you the ability to see the repairs that will be completed, as well as which areas will need to be blocked off to ensure these repairs are made safely
  • List of Expectations – One of our experts will walk you through the process, so you know exactly what to expect, and not expect, when it comes to having your foundation repaired.
  • Estimate – We will always provide an estimate of costs for your home’s foundation.

When it comes to getting an estimate from the professionals, look no further than the experts in foundation damage inspection at Ram Jack Texas - North Texas. Our team is always happy to provide estimates to homeowners in Dallas and surrounding areas – call us today at (972) 992-1860!

Different Kinds of Foundation Cracks

If you are eyeballing your foundation trying to determine if you have a serious issue, pay attention to what kind of cracks are present. Certain crack types may be more likely to indicate that something is wrong. Be on the lookout for any of these kinds of structural markers.

Horizontal Cracks

These are usually a sign of foundation trouble. Horizontal movement takes place due to soil pressure shifting the foundation. Walls with horizontal cracks may eventually cave in. You should have any horizontal cracks inspected immediately.

horizontal foundation cracks

Vertical Cracks

Usually, vertical cracks are associated with foundation settling. They are not normally a sign of problems with your structure or foundation. Some amount of settling is natural for all foundations. These cracks can be a problem if they are part of your basement wall because they can let in water. Crack injections are a common solution to prevent water entry.

Hairline Cracks

If you are seeing small cracks in your foundation that are diagonal or vertical, these are likely just due to foundation settling. They may not require any repairs at all, but it may still be a good idea to have a professional inspection if you are concerned.

Should I Have My Foundation Inspected by a Professional?

Whether you have noticed some cracks developing in the base of your home’s foundation or your bedroom window has recently become misaligned seemingly overnight, it may be time to have a home foundation inspection by a trained professional.

While our experts can perform a full inspection of your home’s foundation, there is a list of warning signs you can refer to in order to identify whether or not you need to call an expert. Signs of foundation failure or damage include:

  • Developing Cracks – A settling or heavy foundation can add additional pressure to your home, often causing cracks to appear. The most common areas for cracks to appear are exterior bricks, walls, or floors. To put it simply, your home’s foundation should be inspected if cracks begin to appear.
  • Misaligned Windows – If your window is suddenly more difficult to open or close due to a sudden misalignment, it may be due to your foundation moving or shifting.
  • New Door Problems – Just like your windows, your doors may become misaligned as well. Foundation settling can cause problems for your doors, resulting in difficulty in closing and opening.
  • Floor Sloping – In more serious foundation issues, you may be able to see (or even feel) the floors of your house begin to slope. If you notice one side of the room is lower than the other, this can be due to possible issues in your foundation.
  • Exterior Cracks – When you look at the exterior of your home, where the ground meets the building, you may be able to see some of the current cement your home’s foundation is built on. If you see any cracks, you may be encountering various foundation issues.
  • Age of Home – Is your home 10 or more years old? If so, it is crucial to have a foundation inspection to make certain that years of various soil movement have not caused any issues for your home.

Foundation issues will never go away on their own. Because they worsen with time, they need to be repaired as soon as possible to ensure the safety of you, your home, and your family. If you have noticed any of the above signs in or around your home, it is time to contact a foundation expert from Ram Jack Texas - North Texas today!

Call Our Foundation Inspectors in Dallas Today

For families in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, ensuring the safety and stability of your home is paramount. That's why we encourage you to reach out to Ram Jack Texas - North Texas for all your residential foundation inspection needs.

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in identifying potential issues before they escalate, helping you maintain a safe and problem-free living environment. With our expertise, we can assess the condition of your foundation, detect any signs of settling or structural concerns, and provide actionable solutions to address them. Don't wait for problems to surface—proactively calling on our experts can save you time, money, and stress in the long run. Trust Ram Jack Texas - North Texas to keep your home secure and ensure peace of mind for you and your family.

Give us a call at (972) 992-1860 today to request a foundation inspection in Dallas-Fort Worth!

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