Commercial Designing Helical Piles

Designing Helical Piles

Specifying Ram Jack® Products for Your Project

Over the past 150+ years, helical piles and anchors have been used in countless construction applications. In that time, helical piles have stood out as one of the most popular options for deep foundation solutions in many geographical areas. While they were not as commonly used until more recently, helical piles should now be considered an essential part of any foundation education. Why? They are extremely versatile and boast high capacities in tension and compression.

Helical piles must be designed and manufactured according to accepted engineering practices in order to resist potential stresses that may occur when installed in the ground. Ram Jack can review all the details, including mechanical strengths, section properties, and torque ratings of our helical piles.

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Advantages of Helical Pile Technology

Ram Jack's helical anchor technology provides maximum practice recovery. This technology has been proven effective in almost all situations! We developed a method for connecting screw piles through the patented threaded connect, ensuring accurate placement each and every time.

How the Ram Jack helical pile system benefits engineers:

  • Cleaner installation with no spoils
  • Allows for loading immediately after installation is done
  • No issues such as weather delays, vibration, or noise
  • Thorough testing to ensure torque values are met
  • Can be adapted to nearly any foundation
  • No structure for reaction resistance required
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Commercial Case Studies

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Ram Jack Foundation Solutions™ Software

Additionally, we have Ram Jack Foundation Solutions™ software that allows engineers to design and model helical piles to meet their specific soil conditions. It also enables them to custom design multiple pile diameters and helix configurations within the same soil conditions. The engineer can then select the pile that best meets the required loads.

Engineers get a professional calculation printout that provides them with the following:

  • Compression and tension capacities
  • Minimum installation torque
  • Approximate embedment depth of the pile/anchor

This software was designed by engineers, with engineers in mind, which means you can be confident you are getting the optimal resource for designing and specifying helical piles for your project.

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