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Ram Jack® delivers custom foundation solutions for utility applications. While low-impact and environmentally-friendly, our foundation systems still provide fast installation and lasting solutions. There is no need to wait for concrete to cure or face weather delays—our pilings can be installed in shallow water tables without any need for casings. Pilings are ready to be loaded immediately upon installation.

We have completed a broad range of projects, from multi-megawatt solar fields to wind turbines—racking up a historic 600+ piles-per-day rate.

Innovative Technology for Lasting Solutions

We currently own 12 patents and have applied for more than 20. We have hundreds of standard products for engineers to select from, as well as the facility to design and fabricate any custom product you need. We can fine-tune our products to meet any specific regulatory standards, and always ensure our solutions remain code compliant.

We provide foundation solutions for utility applications such as:

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