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Case Studies Window Separation

When a homeowner noticed a few cracks in the exterior of his Florence, South Carolina brick home, he thought that they could likely be ignored. Unfortunately, that was not the case. It wasn’t long before the cracks grew so severe that the walls began separating from the windows, prompting the homeowner to contact Ram Jack South Carolina.

Situation: Over the years, the soil beneath the home had settled, causing the foundation and walls resting upon it to settle also. This resulted in cracks in the mortar of the exterior brick wall growing to as much as 1 in. wide. Additionally, the wall was leaning, creating a gap of over 2 in. between the exterior wall and window frame. As a result, air was flowing freely in and out of the gap, increasing heating and cooling costs for the homeowner as well as creating an unsightly visual appearance.

Proposed Solution: After a thorough inspection, Ram Jack South Carolina proposed the installation of (17) 2 7⁄8” driven piles to lift and support the settling exterior wall. Due to the extensive settlement of the foundation, the primary goal would be support, with lifting taking place only in appropriately feasible areas.

Outcome: Once on the job, the Ram Jack South Carolina experts modified the original plan, replacing two of the driven piles with helical piles. When finished 17 piles were installed and driven to an average depth of 15 ft., lifting the structure as much as 1 in. in some areas and supporting the entire compromised area. By modifying the plan, the crew was able to lift the most concerning areas as needed, almost completely closing the cracks and gaps in the brick wall. When finished, the homeowner said, “I am extremely pleased with the work and the outcome. The crew was excellent!”

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