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Vertical Crack In Brick

Case Studies

Introduction: Julius Suggs owns a beautiful home in the quaint Columbia suburb of Irmo, South Carolina. While he was diligent in keeping up with home repairs and ensuring that his abode was in top-notch shape, eventually the elements got the better of his foundation.

The Situation: A vertical crack formed in the brick on the right side of Julius’s home’s facade. Desiring to take care of the problem before it could get any worse, he contacted Ram Jack South Carolina for an inspection and estimate. The Ram Jack professional inspector confirmed the homeowner’s findings, locating a 7 ft. vertical crack that began at the soldier brick under the window and extended all the way to the ground. Complicating the issue, the crack crossed through an opening in the brick (lintel) before continuing into the 7 in. thick concrete footer. The residential structure was the victim of foundation settlement resulting in failing walls, which threatened the integrity of the building in addition to flawing its appearance.

Proposed Solution: After completing a thorough inspection, Ram Jack proposed the installation of three piles. One would be placed at the corner of the building while the other two would be placed on each side of the crack with a goal of lifting the wall to restore its structural strength.

Outcome: Ram Jack South Carolina installed three 2 7/8 in. driven piles on the front right corner of the building with a 9 in. footer. The first pile was placed under the side wall, and the other two piles were placed in the front of the home. Each of the piles reached a depth of 21 ft. A 0.75 in. lift was achieved, lifting the settling of the corner of the building and closing the cracks for a more pleasing appearance.

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Project Type: Residential
Year: 2014
Application: Floor Slabs
Product: Driven
Design Capacity: 26 to 50 kips
Pile Diameter: 2 7/8"

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