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Case Studies Repair of Home Addition

Introduction: All homeowners want the same thing: a comfortable home in which to rest easy. This single-story quaint house in the heart of Omaha had served the family well for a number of years. After a number of additions and remodels, a few problems began to arise so the homeowner called Ram Jack Omaha for answers.

Situation: A 1970s construction with a full basement, the home’s eight-foot addition was built in the early 1990s. The new section of the home didn’t have a basement, and over the next 20 years it suffered from steady foundation settlement. Despite the fact that two repairs had already been done, which included adding concrete to the footing and an improperly installed helical pile, the addition continued to settle. Eventually, the damage grew too significant to ignore.

Proposed Solution: Ram Jack Omaha proposed the installation of six helical piles with narrow-seat brackets and 4 ft. guide sleeves to lift and support the settling portion of the home. After installation, the settling areas of the addition would be lifted to maximum practical recovery to restore structural integrity.

Outcome: Over the course of two days, Ram Jack Omaha completed the installation of the piles as proposed. There were no delays, and the piles reached an average depth of 33 ft. The settling foundation was lifted more than 2 in., and the appearance of the charming Omaha home was restored. Upon completion of the project, the homeowner was completely satisfied with the work performed and was content knowing that the home she loved was safe and secure.

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