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Case Studies Porch Safely Lifted to Recovery

A home’s porch in Strongsville, Ohio, began settling, revealing foundation issues. After the problem proved to be more severe than originally believed, Ram Jack Ohio was brought in to help resolve the issue.

The foundation underneath the porch of the home settled several inches from its original elevation. This caused cracks in the brick fascia. It wasn’t originally clear how much the porch had settled until another contractor excavated the dirt around the porch. It was revealed that the foundation had also started to fall away from the porch. In order to be repaired, the porch would need to be lifted back up and pushed into alignment.

Proposed Solution
Ram Jack teamed up with Leinweber Engineering to design a solution for the homeowner. Donald Leinweber, of Leinweber Engineering, proposed a solution that included using four (4) Ram Jack helical piles. This proposal would support and lift the failed foundation. Ram Jack Ohio would also install angle iron to create a new footer for the foundation.

The helical piles and angle iron were installed as planned. Once the four (4) helical piles were installed successfully and Ram Jack started to achieve a lift, a C channel was placed along part of the wall horizontally. A hydraulic jack was used to push the foundation back into alignment. Ram Jack completed the installation in seven work days, and the house was lifted 4 in. for a complete recovery.

Download the full case study in PDF format