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Case Studies Moisture Damaged Foundation

Introduction: Even well-built homes can’t always escape the combination of time and nature. This home in Irmo, South Carolina, is a testimony to this end, having suffered foundation damage subsequent to years of moisture exposure and soil transformation associated with the changing seasons.

Situation: When the homeowner noticed a growing crack in her home’s brick exterior wall, she called Ram Jack South Carolina. A Ram Jack inspection of the single-story, brick veneer home revealed a 7 in. stair-step crack in the rear, right corner of the structure running from the soldier brick at the bottom of a window down through the footer. In addition, a corresponding 1 in. drop of the structure in the area was noted. The cause of the failing wall appeared to be foundation settlement associated with soil expansion and contraction.

Proposed Solution: The Ram Jack foundation expert proposed the use of driven piles in the area of the issue to lift the structure and restore its integrity. He estimated six piles would be needed to complete the job efficiently, with each pile being spaced in such a manner to achieve maximum practical recovery of the sagging wall.

Outcome: A team of professionally trained, experienced Ram Jack crew members installed six (6) 2 7/8” piles with standard brackets in strategic locations around the failing wall. The piles reached an average depth of 42 ft., and an average lift of 3⁄4 in. was achieved. The crack closed up nicely, and the failing wall’s structural integrity was restored. The homeowner was extremely pleased with the work performed by Ram Jack South Carolina and eagerly signed off after a final inspection.

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