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Case Studies Mid-Continent Public Library

Introduction: Part of the largest library system in the Kansas City metropolitan area, the Mid-Continent Public Library provides learning experiences, educational resources, and books to the local community. And while the historic, brick structure looks as solid as a rock, over time the foundation below settled, and the structure’s walls were beginning to show some wear. Public officials in charge of the structure called KC Ram Jack to take a look.

The Problem: A Ram Jack professional detected severe settlement in the southeast corner of the building. The southeast part of the library is an older portion of the structure, making it more susceptible to Father Time. In addition, settlement was discovered around the south and west walls. Despite the fact that these walls were part of a newer addition to the building, these walls were in serious need of repair.

Proposed Solution: KC Ram Jack proposed installing 28 piles to raise and support the settling portions of the library. Each of the piles would be strategically placed 7 ft. apart, with four piles on the interior of the structure and the remaining piles outside. The piles would not only lift the building, but they would support the structure and ensure prevention of further damage.

Outcome: After making some slight modifications to the original plan, the Ram Jack professionals installed 26 exterior piers to an average depth of 16 ft., lifting the southeast corner of the structure a full 1.5 in. and supporting the south and west walls to prevent further damage. The Mid-Continent Public Library was able to remain open and operational during the entire project, and the job was finished in a timely manner despite rainy weather. When the project was completed, the structural integrity of the Mid- Continent Public Library was restored, and it was fortified from the shifting soil and settling dirt below.

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