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Case Studies Louis Rich Turkey Processing Plant

Introduction: When you’re a business manager or owner whose livelihood depends on the structure in which your business takes place, there’s nothing worse than having to deal with an activity-halting repair. So it’s no surprise the owner of the Louis Rich Turkey Processing Plant in Newberry, South Carolina, was less than pleased to find out that his “new” building had foundation problems. After some plant employees noticed a void under the foundation around the perimeter of the building, the plant owner called Ram Jack South Carolina for help, fearing that neglecting the issue might lead to failing walls, sagging floors, or, worse, a building collapse.

The Problem: An inspection of the commercial structure revealed a 12 ft. portion of the building was settling due to a lack of adequate support for the foundation. A significant void beneath the foundation was evident. While the structure had yet to experience significant settlement, it undoubtedly needed increased support to bolster the foundation and prevent subsequent damage.

Proposed Solution: Ram Jack proposed the use of three driven piles to provide additional support to the existing foundation and to support the compromised area of the building. Each pile would be strategically placed in a 7 ft. section to provide maximum support to the structure. After reviewing the proposal with the plant owner, Ram Jack was given the green light to get to work.

Outcome: Three driven piles were installed to an average depth of 18 ft., providing maximum practical recovery for the building by supporting the compromised area. No lift was achieved as none was required in the support-only operation. During installation of the piles, the Ram Jack crew ran into a number of issues, having to make their way around concrete as well as drive one of the piles to a depth of 35 ft. After some significant excavation and diligent work by the crew, the driven piles were successfully installed, and the building’s structural integrity was restored.
The owner of the Louis Rich Turkey Processing Plant was extremely pleased with the quick and efficient work of Ram Jack South Carolina, noting that he could now “rest easy” knowing that his building was structurally sound.

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