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Case Studies Lobster House

Situation: The wood pilings were beginning to fail. The owner had installed some new piles last year and they were already starting to deteriorate. Other repair methods were unsuccessful.

Solution: The job was entirely over the water. Ram Jack had to work from a floating dock during low tide, setting all the brackets. The contractor cut access through the wood floor, and the piles were advanced from above. Piers were triple powder coated and hardware was all stainless steel. Piles were encased with 8 in. pvc and concrete. It took four days to install fifty 30-foot deep piles. Ram Jack used two 7/8 in. with six-foot guide sleeves and 90 degree 12 in. by 12 in. custom seats and stainless hardware. The owner of the restaurant was impressed with being able to custom order brackets to fit the application.

Conclusion: Everything was supported as planned. The client has already ordered additional piles for another building onsite.

Download the full case study in PDF format.