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Case Studies Custom-Built Steel Columns

In October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated portions of the East Coast from New England to South Carolina. The Jersey Shore was hit as hard as anywhere, with some homes submerged in as deep as 6 ft. of water. In the aftermath of the storm, FEMA and the State of New Jersey implemented new codes and construction guidelines, requiring many damaged homes to be elevated higher than previously required. This home in Ship Bottom, New Jersey fell under these new guidelines, and Ram Jack Tri-States took the idea of foundation repair to a whole new level.

Situation: Under the post-Sandy guidelines, the foundations of many homes had to be raised in order to protect the structures from surging floodwaters and giant waves should another storm or hurricane hit the area. Some homeowners chose to use wood pilings, a risky and expensive endeavor that involved the possibility of rolling their homes on very tight lots, which can leave residents vulnerable to the effects of sway due to wind gusts.

Proposed Solution: Ram Jack proposed using custom-built steel columns attached to beams and the home with steel plates and brackets. This would not only elevate the home, but it would inhibit any unwanted swaying in strong winds.

Outcome: The home was elevated by using traditional beams and cribbing, a grade beam was placed, and then Ram Jack Tri-States installed 27 steel columns. The entire project took less than one week, raising the home the proposed 8 ft. and ensuring its protection should the worst happen again.

Download the full case study in pdf format