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Case Studies Colonial-Style Office Building

Introduction: On the surface, the Greenville, colonial-style property looked beautiful nestled among trees. Rustic red brick, classic columns, and dark window shutters adorn the picturesque, multi-unit office building. In spite of its gorgeous appearance, however, closer inspection revealed a number of foundation problems. If the important business operations that take place inside the building were to continue uninterrupted, repairs would be needed. The owner contacted Ram Jack South Carolina.

Situation: After a brief inspection by a Ram Jack professional, a number of problems became apparent. It appeared that years of foundation settlement and transpiration from landscaping near the foundation had finally come to a head. First, the brick exterior had multiple cracks, a symptom of an unstable, settling structure in need of repair. Second, a side window was separating from the brick keystone above, allowing unwanted airflow and rising utility costs. Third, wood trim was separating from the structure where the walls were settling and sagging.

Proposed Solution: Ram Jack South Carolina proposed using driven piles to support the structure to prevent any further, unwanted settlement. In addition, the piles would be used to lift sagging areas. This would not only ensure the safety and security of the structure, but it would also improve the appearance of the building, restoring its classic look.

Outcome: Nine driven piles with 4021 standard brackets were used to support the structure. Each was driven to an average depth of 68 ft., lifting the foundation the maximum practical recovery distance of 1/2 in. and supporting the side of the building. In addition, the cracks in the brick were closed and the foundation was restored. The highly trained, professional crew of Ram Jack South Carolina used patented Ram Jack materials to complete the job in 1 1/2 days with little disturbance to the regular business operations being performed inside the building. In addition, the work and materials came with a lifetime warranty.

When asked why he chose Ram Jack South Carolina, the owner of the building replied, “Quality work with quality products,” adding that the standard of the service was far above average in every category.