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A telltale sign of foundation damage is separation of windows, floors, and doors from the walls to which they were originally tightly connected. As the foundation settles, the walls come with it, causing gaps to form or windows and doors to fit improperly. This might translate to unwanted drafts coming through newly formed openings or for windows and doors to no longer open and close properly.

Problem: As an older brick structure, the ATC Development corporate headquarters building has had additions a few times. Adequate foundational support for the additions had been an afterthought. Over the years, the lack of support allowed the foundation to settle. As a result, cracks in the sheetrock formed, doors and windows stopped opening and closing properly, and visible separation of the floor from the walls became evident.

Proposed Solution: Ram Jack South Carolina proposed installing 20 exterior driven piles, five piles on the existing girder of the structure, and six interior piles on support beams—to be built by Ram Jack—to carry sagging joists in the floor system.

Outcome: After consideration of the desires of the ATC development, Ram Jack South Carolina moved forward with an alternate plan that included fewer piles. Over the course of two days, Ram Jack South Carolina installed 14 piles, 11 on the interior and three on the exterior. Five of the piles were mounted on the existing girder due to sink holes. Maximum practical recovery was achieved, with full crack closure. When finished, ATC Development was more than satisfied with the work done by Ram Jack South Carolina.

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Project Type: Commercial
Year: 2015
Application: Floor Slabs
Product: Driven

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