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Abner Creek Baptist Church

Case Studies

Introduction: Abner Creek Baptist Church is more than just a building. It’s the spiritual, social, and family center of the lives of numerous people in Greer, South Carolina. While it would be nice to think that such buildings are spared wear and tear over time, that isn’t always the case, as evidenced by the foundation and structural damage endured by the church prior to the intervention of Ram Jack.

The Problem: A representative of Abner Creek Baptist Church contacted Ram Jack South Carolina regarding a foundation issue. Upon inspection, it wasn’t difficult to figure out why the church needed help. The electric room off the church gym was settling and separating from the main structure, causing a number of large cracks to form in the interior and exterior walls in addition to structural damage to the building itself. The origin of the issue appeared to be normal soil settlement likely complicated by poor drainage and improper grading. The church had a two-week window for Ram Jack to perform the repair, which was complicated by the fact that a large gas line would need to be moved before a crew could install the pilings needed to repair the structure.

Proposed Solution: First, the gas line would need to be relocated in order to prevent utility damage and ensure the safety of both the repair crew and church population. Next, four exterior driven piles would be installed in the area of damage, which would subsequently be used to lift and support the settling corner of the building.

Outcome: Ram Jack South Carolina installed driven piles, with guide sleeves, and standard brackets to an average depth of 28 ft. to lift the corner of the structure. In doing so, the structural integrity of the building was restored, and the interior cracks on the cinder block walls and exterior cracks on the brick were almost completely closed. The repair was completed within the church’s designated time frame, and their normal operations went uninterrupted.

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Project Type: Commercial
Year: 2014
Application: Historic Buildings
Product: Driven

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