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At Ram Jack New England, we proudly offer top-notch Polyurethane Injection services. Based in Wareham, MA, we are your trusted source for foundation repair and soil stabilization solutions.


Polyurethane injection is an efficient method used to lift and support sunken or unstable concrete slabs by drilling holes and pumping material into them. This technique not only rectifies the issue of uneven surfaces but also stabilizes the underlying soil to prevent future sinking.


Polyurethane injections offer several advantages for concrete repair, making them an ideal choice in our industry. Firstly, polyurethane injections are incredibly versatile, capable of addressing various concrete issues, including cracks, voids, and uneven surfaces. Their rapid curing time ensures quick restoration, minimizing downtime. The low viscosity of polyurethane allows it to penetrate deep into cracks and voids, providing comprehensive and long-lasting repairs.

At local franchises, customer satisfaction takes top priority, and they demonstrate this by offering lifetime limited warranty coverage. They go the extra mile to provide customers peace of mind by installing steel piles specifically designed to remain stable. If you have concerns about foundation movement, our dedicated dealers will promptly inspect, adjust, or replace a pile and its associated bracket as necessary. Moreover, they will thoroughly assess your property for any signs of soil movement beyond their previous work.
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Secondly, polyurethane injections create a lightweight yet durable solution, minimizing additional stress on the structure. The material's expansive properties ensure a tight seal, preventing water intrusion and reinforcing the concrete. The environmentally friendly nature of polyurethane, with low VOC emissions, adds to its appeal. Overall, polyurethane injections offer a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally conscious solution for concrete repair, promoting structural integrity and prolonging the lifespan of concrete structures.


With years of experience under our belts, our team at Ram Jack New England has been providing high-quality polyurethane injection services in Wareham, MA. We use industry-leading products combined with professional expertise to ensure your property's safety and stability.

Durable Solutions

We understand that each building has unique challenges when it comes to foundation issues. Therefore, we customize our solutions based on the specific needs of your project. Our polyurethane injections are designed for durability and long-term performance.

Certified Professionals

All our technicians at Ram Jack New England are highly trained professionals who adhere strictly to industry standards in all their operations. They possess the needed certifications to provide you with peace of mind while they work on your property.

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