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Mudjacking in Wareham

Professional Concrete Leveling Services in Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Has your uneven concrete started to become a safety hazard or an eye-sore? Our team of concrete contractors at Ram Jack New England can make your slabs safely walkable, usable and visually appealing once again. We have skill with repairing patios, sidewalks, driveways, and even concrete stairways. Our team uses quick and non-invasive techniques to pull concrete back up to the correct form. If the concrete leveling issue is resulting from something more serious in the foundation underneath, we have the technology to address that as well.

When it comes to the health of your home’s foundation, there’s no other company that gets the job done quite like Ram Jack. Founded in 1985, our nationwide team of experts can evaluate any home’s foundation issues and assess a long-term solution.

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What Is Mudjacking and What Does it Repair?

Also referred to as “slab jacking" or "pressure grouting,” mudjacking is the process by which a hydraulic lift is used to even out concrete surfaces that are sinking or shifting. The evening out of this slab helps create an equally stable foundation that can continue to help support a house. Here are three common steps used by our certified professionals during the mudjacking process:

  • Preparation – in this step our team will drill small holes in the areas of the foundation that are suffering the most. This is usually where there is the least amount of support or the region where the concrete is most cracked.
  • Fill it in – once all of the holes are drilled, we will start to pump the grout in the holes and fill in the spots that need evening out. Once this is executed, the hydraulic lift is used to make sure the areas are evened out. This is critical to ensuring your foundation doesn’t run into the same problem again down the road.
  • Drying Period – in the final step, our team will analyze the filled-in gaps and ensure there aren’t any adjustments needed. In some cases, there may be a reason to repeat the second step. This is common if we’re dealing with a larger foundation that has numerous cracks in hard-to-find locations.

Is Mudjacking a Lasting Solution?

Concrete leveling with mudjacking is a long-lasting solution that can last between 5 years, where less settling has occurred, up to 10 years or more on a property with more settling. Factors that may influence the longevity of mudjacking repair include: soil type, presence of gutters / water downspouts, and the age of the concrete.

Forces that Cause Driveways and Sidewalks to Become Uneven

There are a variety of reasons your driveway and sidewalk could become uneven. The three most common causes are heavy weight, constant precipitation, and natural disasters. Let’s explore each one of these causes and how it impacts concrete slabs near a homeowner’s property:

Heavy Weight Damages Driveways & Sidewalks

While we might like to think that our driveways can hold our vehicles, over time they begin to deteriorate. This is especially true if you tend to park more than one vehicle on your driveway at a time. Depending on the types of cars and the exact region they’re parked on your driveway, it could cause your driveway to slope in one direction. Of course, this isn’t exactly an issue that forms overnight, but nonetheless, it can be frustrating to come across after living in a home for just a few years.

Constant Precipitation Can Cause Soil Swelling

While Wareham isn’t known for its annual hurricanes, it does have its fair share of nor’easters. This guaranteed annual precipitation can take its toll on a driveway or sidewalk. This is especially true for storms that produce high amounts of snowfall. This is due to the constant cycle of trying to hold the weight of snow numerous times throughout the winter season. These types of cracks usually aren’t visible until the warmer months.

Natural Disasters Can Damage Concrete

Though earthquakes are rare in the northeast, even the smallest earthquake – one that’s not even noticed by humans – can cause a crack to form in your driveway or sidewalk. This is due to the earth’s plate shaking the surface and causing your entire home’s property to adjust. Once affected, these cracks will only worsen over time.

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