Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair

Wall Crack Repair Services

Foundation crack Ram Jack New England is a locally owned company providing Cape Cod Foundation Repair services to homeowners and property owners. There are many different types of foundation repair and many types of different foundation wall crack repairs.

A concrete block or poured foundation can crack for many reasons, including:

  • Concrete dried too quickly causing shrinkage cracks
  • Lateral forces pushing in on a foundation wall
  • Expansive clay soil pushing against a foundation wall
  • Soft, unsupported soils below the foundation
  • Foundation built over a trash pit

It is important to have a foundation repair expert look at your foundation walls and determine why the wall cracked, and how it should be repaired.

Many homeowners will have a foundation crack repaired because, when it rains, it leaks and causes damage to items in the basement. However, while most foundation wall cracks are normal shrinkage cracks that are non-structural, it is wise to have a foundation expert look BEFORE repairing the cracks.

Our Project Manager is trained to know whether a crack is a simple shrinkage crack or part of a bigger structural problem in the home. He will do a visual inspection of the basement and also the top floors of the house, looking for signs of a structural problem. Doors and windows that are hard to open and close is a symptom that a foundation crack may be more than a simple crack that lets water in.

Foundation wall cracks can be repaired in different ways. Urethane Grouts can be injected into the crack to stop ground water from leaking in. Epoxy can be used not only to stop a leaking crack but also to structurally weld the poured concrete wall back together.

Ram Jack New England uses the CrackShield dual process method of repairing normal foundation cracks. This method uses a urethane grout that is first injected into the foundation crack to stop it from leaking. Then an epoxy is applied over the crack and a Kevlar Weave is embedded in this epoxy. An additional layer of epoxy is applied over the Kevlar Weave. This process stops water from leaking into the crack, and also reinforces and adds tensile strength to the poured concrete wall.

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