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Basement & Wall Solutions in Virginia Beach, VA


At Ram Jack Virginia Beach, we recognize the importance of a secure and structurally sound basement for the overall safety of your home and family. Our skilled basement repair services are designed to address any issues that could compromise the integrity of this critical space. We strive to make your basement secure, dry, and fundamentally safe using cutting-edge technology and proven methods.

Comprehensive Solutions for a Secure and Healthy Home

Ram Jack Virginia Beach offers a diverse range of products and services dedicated to resolving basement and wall issues, prioritizing your home's safety and long-term value. Recognizing that bowed, cracked, or leaking basement walls can signify underlying structural problems, we provide tailored solutions.

Our Basement and Wall Repair Services include:

  • Wall Tie Back Solutions: Our expertly installed tieback solutions ensure the stability of your basement walls, addressing any signs of bowing or movement.
  • Carbon Fiber Support: Introducing carbon fiber support for enhanced structural reinforcement, providing a durable solution against potential cracks or shifts.
  • Retaining Wall Solutions: Tailored retaining wall solutions to fortify and secure your property, preventing soil erosion and maintaining landscape integrity.
  • Seawall Solutions: Specialized solutions for seawalls, offering durable and resilient constructions to withstand coastal challenges.
  • Egress Windows: Providing safe and accessible egress windows to ensure a secure means of exit, enhancing the safety of basement spaces.

Trust the expertise of our seasoned technicians, who will meticulously evaluate your basement issues and recommend the most effective solutions.

Services you Can Depend On

At Ram Jack Virginia Beach, our commitment is unwavering in delivering high-quality and reliable services. Our technicians are dedicated to assisting you with all your basement and wall needs. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive services and discover how we can help you uphold the structural integrity of your home.

For professional basement & wall services in Virginia Beach, VA, call (757) 337-4122 or contact us online today.