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Commercial Applications

Ram Jack Tri-States proudly provides commercial foundation support and repair services for businesses. For commercial projects, we offer three different methods for repairing and stabilizing structures.

helical pile closeup to show twist tip and disc


Our patented helical piles can be custom-designed to meet your project’s needs. Whether it’s a new or existing structure, our helical piles can be used to lift and sustain the structure permanently. Some of the advantages of Ram Jack Helical Piles are:
  • Tested and proven to work in expansive soils, high water tables, fill areas, and job sites with unstable soils
  • Have high capacity loads under compression, tension, and lateral
  • Load capacities can be verified by monitoring the torque during installation
  • Can be loaded immediately after installation
  • Can be installed in almost any weather circumstance
One of the concerns home and business owners have is the possibility of spoils or vibrations created during the installation service, which could damage their property or adjacent properties; we care about doing as little damage as possible, so our installation process does not create vibrations or spoils.


Helical piles are suitable for lighter projects such as light structures and interior floor slabs where the weight is not considerable. They are not typically suitable for heavier projects where the weight is 700 pounds per linear foot or more.


Our Helical Tie-Backs have the same benefits as Helical Piles. The difference is, Helical Tie-Backs are typically only used in tension applications, such as to resist lateral soil loads on retaining or basement walls. A common use is for resisting lateral loads generated from wind or seismic events. Whereas Helical Piles are installed beneath a structure to support it, Helical Tie-Backs are installed at an angle, and prevent soil and other elements from causing damage. Helical Tie-Backs can be installed at any angle and will remain intact even in strong weather conditions.


driven pile assembly Ram Jack has the only driven steel pile that is recognized by ICC as being compliant with the International Building Code. Our patented steel piles are used to underpin existing structures and are installed beneath the shallow, shifting soil to a load bearing strata. Some of the advantages of driven piles are:
  • High capacity loads in compression
  • The ultimate and working load capacity of each pile is verified during installation
  • All installation equipment is portable and hand carried, making it ideal for installations in tight quarters and on soft surfaces
  • There are no vibrations or impacts during installation which limit possible damage to adjacent structures


Driven steel piles are suitable for heavier projects where the piles react against the structure as a result of the weight. Typically, the weight required to install driven steel piles is 700 pounds per linear foot. Driven piles are not suitable for lighter jobs such as lightweight porches or carports.


Lunch is on us! Let our expert team come to your facility and present Ram Jack capabilities in less than an hour. Learn the facts and advantages of Helical piles, and ask questions about our methods. Continuing Credits are available. Visit the Lunch and Learn page to learn more!


View case studies to show the range of projects Ram Jack has completed.

Featured Case Studies

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  • Conshohoken Rowing Center


Engineers incorporating the Ram Jack System can use Ram Jack’s Foundation Solutions™ and free helical pile design softwares.
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Ram Jack Tri-States can help restore the value of your largest investment.