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Even though Helical piles have been used for over 175 years, they are rarely mentioned in undergraduate and graduate studies, which makes it hard for engineers to learn about them. Thus, Ram Jack offers free Lunch and Learn presentations.

What is a Lunch and Learn?

During a Lunch and Learn session, the applications of Helical and Driven steel piles are discussed, as well as the advantages of both methods. Each presentation contains technical specifications that are targeted to engineers. To those who are uncertain about using Ram Jack’s methods, a Lunch and Learn presentation is an ideal way to demonstrate why and how Ram Jack’s Helical piles were accepted into the 2009 IBC, and continue to provide exceptional support to structures based on engineered solutions. Also, continuing education credits are accepted by most states for attending.

Topics Discussed

Some of the topics discussed during a Lunch and Learn are:

  • The theories, designs, and applications behind Ram Jack’s Driven and Helical piles
  • International Code Council (ICC) Criteria for Acceptance
  • International Building Code (IBC) from 2009-2015
  • Ram Jack’s Foundation Solutions Software
  • The quality and assurance of Ram Jack’s methods

How to schedule a Lunch and Learn

We understand scheduling can be difficult. That is why Ram Jack allows you to schedule a Lunch and Learn at your convenience. To set up a Lunch and Learn presentation, complete the form on this page or call us (800) 985-8105.