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Leaning & Bowing Walls

Vertical Wall Restraints/Beams

Vertical Wall Restraints are the most common engineered repair for bowing or leaning walls. A steel beam or tube is installed vertically on the wall connected to the floor joists above and the concrete slab below. These connections, if done properly, transfer the lateral load of the wall to the webbing of the sub-floor above and the concrete floor at the bottom.

Carbon Fiber Straps

Carbon fiber straps combine the technologies of high strength carbon and Kevlar in a woven mesh to provide tensile reinforcement to existing walls (essentially improving the strength of a wall as if it had more steel in it).

Soil Anchors

Commonly referred to as a "dead man" anchor, this system uses bearing plates or a concrete trench to resist wall movement. An anchor plate is secured to the inside face of the wall. A rod is driven out into the soil to a specified distance and connected to a plate or concrete, which in turn pulls on the wall to help hold it up.

Helical Tie-Back Anchors

Similar to a Helical Pier, this system is installed to a specific torque and depth to achieve a pre-designed capacity. Minimal to no excavation required outside of the wall to be repaired. We commonly use these on commercial sites due to the larger walls and or loads, but seldom find them cost effective on residential projects.

Wall Realignment

This process requires excavation of the earth pushing on the wall. The home is then lifted slightly to allow us to restore the wall to an acceptable position. After the restoration, the home is then gently set back on the wall. Permanent restraints to strengthen the wall are left in place to ensure the problem never occurs again. The outside area is also treated to reduce the hydraulic pressure it can apply to the wall. To achieve this, gravel is filled into 30% of the backfill height before existing soil is replaced and finally code required waterproofing is applied.

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