Protect Your Foundation

 Protect Your Foundation

Red dots on home interiorProtect Your Foundation

The foundation of your home is under constant attack from the elements. Moisture is creeping in from the surrounding soil, tree roots are trying to move the foundation aside, and water is looking for any pathway to do its damage. Not only that, the dirt around and beneath your foundation is constantly expanding and contracting, causing unwanted settling and damage. In spite of the constant onslaught of foundation offenders, there are number of steps you can take to protect your foundation from damage.

Protect Your Foundation from Water

Water is perhaps the greatest enemy of your foundation. It not only affects the soil around the foundation of any structure, but it causes direct damage and fosters the growth of mold. In order to prevent unwanted water damage, make sure to install rain gutters that push rain away from the base of your home. In addition, grade the yard so water drains away from your home rather than toward it. And finally, if you have a basement or an underground structure, make sure to keep it dry.

Protect Your Foundation from Roots

The trees in your yard may look beautiful, but their underground root structures may be damaging your foundation. With a few hours of hard work and the right equipment, you can cut through the roots and stop them from growing into your foundation, preventing unwanted damage. In the future, try to plant trees away from your home to prevent invasive root growth.

Repair Cracks and Crevices

Minor cracks in your walls or foundation are often a sign of underlying damage. It’s best to fill them as soon as possible to prevent their expansion. If you’re wondering how to do so, call Ram Jack Texas for a little advice.

Protect Your Foundation from Further Damage

The best way to prevent further damage to your foundation is to repair problems as soon as possible. By doing so, you will save yourself unwanted headaches, time, and money. If you’re wondering whether or not you need a foundation repair, call Ram Jack Texas. We have experience in all types of foundation repair, and we would love to be of service.