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Foundation Repair in Ocala, Florida

Your local ram jack near ocala, Restoring Stability and Integrity for Homes and Businesses

Because having a solid foundation is essential for a safe home, Ram Jack® offers products and services that provide long-lasting solutions. Our team of engineers and foundation repair specialists have experience addressing a wide range of foundation issues including: basement walls, retaining walls, property drainage, waterproofing, foundation cracks, uneven slabs, and more.

Ram Jack® near Ocala has been an industry leader in foundation problems for over 40 years. Our company has designed foundation repair solutions that are longer lasting than previous methods. Our products are created from American-made steel and come with warranties to protect your investment.

Schedule a visit or call our Ocala foundation contractors at (855) 298-6904 today! Your local Ram Jack near Ocala is ready to serve you.

Florida Foundation Problems

Homes in Florida can be susceptible to foundation trouble due to poor soil conditions. When soil shifts or expands due to the presence of excess water, the movement or pressure exerted against the foundation will cause cracks. Here are some answers about foundations from your local Ram Jack near Ocala.

Why Is My Ocala Home Sinking?

All homes are expected to settle somewhat over their lifespan. Ideally, a home should settle evenly across the foundation. However, certain issues like poor soil conditions and sinkholes can cause damage to a foundation when there is too much movement or unequal movement underneath different parts of the foundation. If you are concerned that your home is suffering damage from a sinkhole, get in touch with an expert right away.

To determine whether your home is experiencing foundation damage from settlement or a sinkhole formation, an expert will need to inspect your property. Unfortunately, both problems cause the same basic symptoms: foundation cracks, ceiling cracks, drywall cracks, sloping floors, etc.

Sinkhole Repairs from Ram Jack near Ocala

Ram Jack Florida - Gainesville provides solutions for foundation problems due to sinkholes. If your home is in a housing development with known issues related to sinkholes, you may want to have your property inspected for potential problems.

With our foundation repair technology, we can anchor your home to stable soil or bedrock so that your home is protected from sinkhole damage.

Causes of Excessive Settlement & Foundation Damage

There are many reasons why a home can settle unevenly or excessively. The right solution for repairing and preventing more problems depends on the cause. Here are some ways that foundations get damaged from settlement:

  • Poor Drainage
  • Plumbing Water Leaks
  • Poorly Compacted Soil During Construction
  • Weak, Soft Soil
  • Changes in Moisture Content in the Soil
  • Mature Tree Roots Changing Moisture Conditions in the Soil
  • Sinkhole Formation

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